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Paper Knives  

 American Industrial Resources is an industrial supplier of Paper Knives.
Our knives are competitively priced and meet all original equipment manufacturers
requirements. Knives are available for the following eq uipment manufacturers:

Adcast (Maxima)
AM Graphics (Sheridan)
C.P. Bourg
Chandler & Price                   
Consolidated International
EBA (Krug & Priester)
Embassy Int. (Imperial)
Harris (Macey or Sheridan)
Heidelberg (Polar)
Krug & Priester (EBA)
MBM (Michael Business Machines)
Mandelli (Michael Business Machines)
Martin Yale
Maxima (Adcast)
Michael Business Machines (Triumph, Ideal, Mandelli, MBM)
Muller Martini
Muller Grapha
Omega (Macey)
Perfecta (Royal Zenith)
PMC Cutter Strip
Polar (Heidelberg)
Prism Saber
Royal Zenith (Perfecta)
Schimanek (Universal)
Schneider Senator
Sheridan (Harris, AM Graphics)
Sperr & Lechner (Swiss Hydromat, Vijuk)
Stahl (UBF, Hoerauf)
Triumph (Michael Business Machines)  Wohlenberg (Lawson/Woglenberg/Regent)

Our knives are available in the following material grades: 

Standard - This grade of tool steel is usually inlaid for Guillotine knives and is a solid,
through hardened High Carbon, High Chrome tool steel in the case of some thinner
three knife trimmers or bottom knives. Unlike plain carbon steel that some other
manufacturers use, this steel is rich in wear-resistant alloying elements making it an
excellent choice for normal cutting.

HSS - Premium 18% Tungsten High Speed Steel. This material offers the best
value in our paper knife line. Our high speed steel is the finest grain available
allowing for the sharpest edges that will last longer and resist nicking more than
some others on the market.
Cutter operators and knife grinders see and feel the difference. Expect 3-5
times the life between sharpenings compared to regular standard steel knives.
It is simply the best high speed steel inlay there is.

TCB - UltraFine Grained Tungsten Carbide. If you have a clean cutting
operation with well maintained equipment and are looking for the ultimate life and
abrasion resistance, this is the knife to use. This is not regular carbide.
Regular carbide normally has grain size larger than One Micron. Our Tungsten
Carbide has a grain size significantly smaller than One Micron and is guaranteed
to last as long or longer than other carbide knives, including the "super grades"
from Europe. Wear-life improvements of 25 times over standard steel knives
and 2 times over standard carbide grades are not uncommon.

If we don't have knives in stock for your machine we can offer a very competitive lead
time to manufacture them.

We can also supply high quality Cutting Sticks and Paper Drills. Our
Cutting Sticks are available in 6 different grades for almost every cutting application.

If you would like pricing and delivery information on American Industrial Resources Paper Knives, Cutting Sticks and Paper Drills please Contact Us.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!. We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

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